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About Twist

Twist Animation 3D Animation Studio specializes in high quality content for kids.  More than 10 years of professional experience in 3D Animation, as well as our love for creating content for toddlers, led to the founding of the studio. We have a passion for creating animated characters with unique and enchanting personalities, and strongly believe that “if you love something it shows”.

Twist Animation - What makes the shows such a huge success?

  • It is ORIGINAL

  • It has a unique concept

  • It speaks toddlerese

  • It is high quality animation

  • It can be about anything: an unlimited source for producing episodes

Our story

TuTiTu was born when we created a series of short videos to entertain our own children. It was their enthusiasm that drove us to share the videos with the rest of the world- and we were blown away by the positive reactions from around the globe. The growing interest motivated us to create more quality toddler videos like NuNi, and expand into sing-along songs for kids. We plan to continue making videos and interactive products for kids, in the hopes of bringing a little bit of 3D magic into every child’s life.

Meet The Team

Talmon Gamliel 
Yossi Dahan 
Sarit Ido Schechter 
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