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Audience: 3-6 | Episode: 7 minutes
Each episode deals with a major issue in the toddlers’ life, and contains 3 minisodes with different angles on the subject. 

NuNi is a 3.5 year old toddler who shares her dilemmas and the changes she goes through as she grows up. Her two best friends are Abbit the rabbit and Effi the giraffe, representing the two opposing voices in NuNi's inner world. Abbit is the impulsive, emotional side, which easily adapts to new situations;

Effi has a harder time dealing with change and sees everything from a rational perspective.
The name NuNi is made up of two syllables: Nu and Ni. Nu represents the 'no' and Ni the 'yes'. Same goes for the ensemble – Nuni's two friends represent the two conflicting voices in her head.

Aimed at children 3-6 years old, although it’s fascinating and funny for adults too, it speaks the language of toddlerhood: Colorful, imaginative and humorous, and one that simplifies complex situations and challenges toddlers – and parents - face in these ages: Potty training, pacifier weaning, sharing toys with friends, jealousy, apologizing and more.

The series is intended for international audiences and therefore does not touch upon any particular culture, but instead speaks to all cultures and religions. It is a classic, fundamental and timeless concept. 

Leading characters


(girl), a sweet toddler, 3.5 years old
Characteristics: friendly, creative, imaginative, positive but tends to get cranky
Interactions: likes to consult with her two friends. Sometimes likes to set fire to the discussion just so she can hear as many sides as possible to help her make her decision. Clearly cares a lot about both Abbit and Effi and wants to please them


(boy), young rabbit
Characteristics: friendly, impulsive, emotional, curious and quick-witted
Interactions: tends to pull Nuni towards playfulness and being silly. Enjoys getting on Effi's- nerves but at the end of the day respects her and looks up to her like an older sister


(girl), young giraffe
Characteristics: mature for her age, rational
Interactions: puts an emphasis on being heard and appreciated. Thinks she is always right because what she has to say makes the most sense

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