NuNi was born and created by Twist Animations as natural continuation to acclaimed TuTiTu (see below) – tackling the most important and daily issues facing our toddlers’ life (yes, they have tough issues!) with a loving & kind approach. NuNi is all about their day to day situations, such as morning routine and potty training – all handled with sharing situations with which to identify, in a non- didactic way, so our beloved little ones are empowered to find solutions on their own – in a free, funny and intelligent way.

TuTiTu is a 3D-animation series for toddlers with massive global engagement. In essence TuTiTu is a toy creation series - in each episode toddlers are eager to find out how toy parts come together to create a whole, learning new words, colors, numbers and much more. 
With content in 18 languages - TuTiTu is a global phenomenon and one of YouTube’s leading toddler channels.



Twist Animation produces educational, entertaining, 3D-animated content for young children. Our goal is to stimulate children's imagination and creativity through colorful and cheerful animation. We are applying early learning development principles at every step of the production process through deep respect and comprehension of toddler needs.

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